Microsoft adding in-memory technology to SQL Server

In a move to hurry on-line dealings process (OLTP), Microsoft is adding in-memory capabilities into its SQL Server computer database management system.

The next version of SQL Server can feature the flexibility to host information tables or maybe entire databases at intervals a server’s remembering. “Any application that’s throttled by the I/O of a tough disk would profit by [having its data] affected into memory,” aforesaid Doug Leland, Microsoft top dog. presently Microsoft is testing this in-memory technology, codenamed Hekaton, with variety of shoppers.

By holding a information table in memory, a server will execute transactions exploitation that table rather more quickly as a result of the information server does not got to forthwith browse information from, nor write information to, a disk. Microsoft predicts that its in-memory technology will run dealings fifty times quicker than a regular SQL Server setup.

The Hekaton technology is geared for OLTP workloads, like on-line banking systems, ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems, and different heavily used disk-bound transactional systems, Leland aforesaid. Hekaton runs solely on one server, although it’s no laborious limit on what quantity memory it will use, thus it will rescale to but abundant RAM will be put in on one server.

Hekaton maintains all the ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) properties needed of relative databases. It writes serialized dealings logs in-memory and so sporadically writes these logs to disk, Leland aforesaid. The computer code uses variety of compression algorithms to suit a lot of information in memory. as an example, the content is keep in an exceedingly column store, thus like information varieties square measure clustered along.

To help information directors deploy the in-memory technology, consecutive version of SQL Server can embody a tool to simply designate informations or individual database tables that may be run in memory. No changes are going to be needed of the applications that use these databases. in addition, Hekaton are going to be ready to compile store-procedures so they run in-memory yet. “You will compile your keep procedures and run them as native code,” Leland aforesaid.

In-memory technologies have mature a lot of widespread among enterprises that need to method information a lot of quickly. Oracle’s Exadata and SAP’s HANA each address this market yet. graft the in-memory technology into SQL Server itself can alter the customer’s IT design as a result of it eliminates the requirement to acquire and maintain separate complete in-memory technology, Leland argued.

Leland points out this can be not Microsoft’s 1st intrude on in-memory technology. each PowerPivot and Power read use in-memory technologies to permit users to quickly manipulate massive swaths of information at intervals stand out.

Microsoft proclaimed the new technology at the association for SQL Server (PASS) Summit, being control on in metropolis. Microsoft undraped a couple of different new merchandise at the conference yet

The company conjointly proclaimed that it’d shortly unleash consecutive version of its information warehouse appliance, SQL Server 2012 Parallel information Warehouse (PDW). employing a new processing engine known as PolyBase, this version of PDW are going to be ready to run queries against each relative information and non-relational information managed by Apache Hadoop. Hadoop queries are going to be channeled through the Apache Hive information warehouse computer code.

The company has conjointly discharged SQL Server 2012 SP1 (Service Pack 1), which, among different options, includes the flexibility for stand out 2013 users to figure directly with SQL Server information.

Microsoft failed to impart any details regarding once consecutive version of SQL Server would be discharged.