Microsoft: Cloud stands for change

Suppliers that do not offer customers the ability to host some or all of their IT infrastructure in a private cloud will find themselves at odds with the market, Microsoft has warned Week GITEX TECHNOLOGY.

“This is perhaps one of the two or three teams in the truly major technological landscape we have seen, as the transition from mainframes to servers and the introduction of the personal computer,” said Oliver Sharp, Director General strategy for Microsoft Server and Tools Marketing. “Even the introduction of the GUI is not on the same level of impact that clouds have. Cloud literally be a fundamental transformation of what we have come to understand the IT industry. ”

Sharp, however, sound a note of caution. Any vendor who believes it can capture the whole market and offer a service from beginning to end through the public cloud is itself of illusions and will find themselves locked out of many key markets for many years.

“The public cloud represents a large number of changes to the status quo, at once,” said Sharp. “This is a problem for many key vertical markets such as finance, where legislation is slow to change to new possibilities technology.

“It may well be the case that in five to ten years, companies in these industries conservative will be able to host their data in the cloud, but at the same time there is no way that they can legally. Any company that tries not to offer its customers a solution that is 100% in the clouds will find themselves locked out of these markets, “he added.