Microsoft Mango new features: integration of Skype join the front camera

Last months, the system equipped with a Microsoft Mango exposure Samsung I937, Samsung GALAXY S Ⅱ is the version of Windows Phone 7. At that time people may be skeptical about this phone. But recently, Microsoft has confirmed that this product, but also that this product will have a front camera, while the new system will integrate Mango Skype.

This message is being held in New Zealand from the Microsoft TechEd conference, Windows PhoneNZ also confirmed the news. In addition to these changes, Microsoft said in its VoIP application will then be extended to iOS, Android and Symbian platforms. As Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype is heavily system integration or application of new methods added to the Mango system, we did not know. However, Skype and can be expected to join the front camera will make the next Windows Phone 7 system of social applications a more complete, comprehensive experience for users, but also make their own in the smartphone market competitiveness greatly enhanced.