Microsoft readying My Phone cloud service

Microsoft seems to be willing to officially unveil web service that allows users to share and store data even after their mobile phones.

Still, cell phones, of course, with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6-based smartphone operating system. And the service is to begin in a limited beta is available.

Details of the next my phone service was intended, not Microsoft, if the site was launched before the scheduled start of life. The site seems to have first spotted by Engadget Mobile, also spoke at the service of the SkyBox.

According to the Microsoft Web site My Phone, the service allows users to transform and restore phone data, you have access to information and programming and sharing photos. Users have 200MB of free disk space, but be careful – try to synchronize all files exceeding the limit will be lowered the mark of 200 MB.

ZDNet blogger Matthew Miller has obtained confirmation of the launch of My Phone Microsoft. Here is an excerpt of the Declaration of the company, by Miller:

“We are very excited about the new Microsoft My cell phone will be available as a limited, invitation-only beta. This is a milestone for Microsoft because it connects the phone to the computer and the Web, mobility as a fundamental element for the company Software + Services strategy.

More details on the service in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in mid February.

In the past month on the Microsoft Windows Mobile, Andy Lees, told ZDNet Asia sister site CNET News that the company would be the case of Barcelona, ​​to publish the early stages of a new mobile strategy, including services, to help the phone to the computer and the Internet.

“You have a lot of announcements at Mobile World Congress will be seen, but it will also be the beginning of a 12 -, 18 months, which will see many different things,” said Lee ZDNet Asia sister site CNET News.

Microsoft also plans to provide further information on Windows Mobile 6.5, and people keep hoping for information on a motive applications store called Skymarket possible.

Last week, Microsoft said it plans to make a call.