Mozilla discloses more Firefox flaws

Apple’s Safari browser, you have once Snow Leopard and the iPhone hacked during the first days of the annual competition Pwn2Own where security experts of the material they were able to gain the offensive. The CNet reports, security analyst Charlie Miller won $ 10,000 after it remotely Safari on a MacBook Pro.

The victory was both sweet and familiar to Miller, senior analyst of security used for Independent Security Evaluators, because he had managed to Safari to contest the 2009 and 2008 iterations. He holds the exact technique of the attack this year under wraps for now, but have simply pointed out that the target computer was to visit a specially crafted Web site enough to use the trigger, by providing access to online orders for the Mac. The promoter Pwn2Own, Tipping Point’s Zero Day Initiative, the exchange of information on exploits with participating manufacturers to provide them the opportunity to patch vulnerabilities.

The iPhone had been shot by Vincenzo Iozzo of Zynamics and Ralf Philipp Weinmann at the University of Luxembourg, which the prize money of $ 15,000 for the penetration divided into the unit. (Everyone must also be an award for unique names are difficult.)

The iPhone hack is started with a website with malicious code, before the attack inside “the database of the local SMS phone for the server we have control,” says Weinmann CNet.

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