Mozilla’s annual sales up 34 percent

Mozilla Firefox browser company, last year 104 million dollars (76 million euros) taken in. This represents an increase of 34 percent over the 2008 revenues of $ 78 million. The main sources of revenue for the company’s final annual report of 2009, according to search partnerships. Most sales are expected to refer the Mozilla market leader Google, even if the balance of the membership fees include multiple search. Instead, Mozilla summarizes Google’s revenue with other partners such as Yahoo, Yandex, Amazon and eBay together.

The 2008 contract renewed with Google will last until the end of 2011. On the browser’s built-in search box, Google directs traffic to Mozilla. In return, the manufacturer of the browser with a revenue share of the search results next to the ads. “We believe that search providers forward to hear Mozilla solid revenue will remain for the foreseeable future,” reads AFAQ Annual Report 2009. The cost increase between 2008 and 2009 by 26 percent from 49 million to $ 61 million U.S. dollars

Most of the expenses spent on the personal computer and equipment. The number of employees in late 2009, Mozilla is in the world with Mozilla 250th currently has about 300 employees. 500 people working on the translation of the browser, and some 1,000 volunteers contribute code to Firefox. 400,000 users have accounts in Bugzilla to report bugs. The number of beta testers with 800,000 Mozilla. In addition alleged use over 400 million Firefox. 140 million users daily access to the Internet browser.