New Cisco ‘Desktop as a Service’ cloud arrives

On Tuesday, Cisco proclaimed a replacement Cisco Desktop as a Service (DaaS) answer. This one adds extremely agile, cloud-based desktop virtualization solutions to Cisco’s existing desktop virtualization product portfolio. The Cisco DaaS answer is made on the Cisco Desktop Virtualization answer. With it, Cisco’s cloud partners can give their customers a Cisco supercharged, virtual desktop subscription service.

The solution uses technologies from VMware’s recently noninheritable Desktone, and Citrix. “Desktone by VMware and Cisco have developed a whole and proved blueprint for sanctioning service suppliers to supply a Desktop as a Service answer for delivering Windows desktops and applications as a cloud service supported VMware Horizon read,” aforesaid Peter McKay, VMware’s vp and chief for End-User Computing in a very statement.

“Citrix is functioning aboard Cisco and its new DaaS answer to assist Service supplier partners, like our mutual customers ChannelCloud and Proxios, to scale quickly, simply and economically, whereas delivering high levels of performance and repair. this permits partners to differentiate with flexibility in desktop readying models whereas protective margins to assist them capture new service and revenue opportunities. Our multi-tenant answer supported XenDesktop and XenApp leverages app orchestration to deliver a chic user experience; desktop, mobile and thin-client support; and self-service ease-of-use,” explained Mitch Parker, Citrix’s cluster vp and chief.

Cisco and its partners’ claim that the total Cisco DaaS stack delivers larger quantifiability and performance, optimized price, and wider shopper use case support for DaaS deployments through the following:

Improved density of hosted virtual desktops providing up to 252 virtual desktops on one Cisco United Computing Service (UCS) blade server

Support for user applications that need high-quality rendering of immersive, 3D graphics

UCS answer Accelerator Packs for Desktop Virtualization, providing simplified ordering
For its partners, the new Cisco DaaS answer permits them to supply their business customers quantifiability, security, performance, and potency. At identical time, these cloud suppliers gain operational capabilities like management tools, licensing parts and also the ability to deliver desktops to multiple customers from one platform. The Cisco DaaS answer provides quick, straightforward and economical entry for cloud suppliers to the current speedily growing market and brings new service and revenue opportunities.

For business customers, the answer provides increased alternative and adaptability. Customers will favor to build their own on-premises desktop virtualization answer or get a cloud-based, as-a-service answer, with Cisco supercharged performance, quantifiability, and security.

One of the main drivers of {this is|this is often|this will be} Cisco’s belief from its own experiences with the bring your own device (BYOD) movement is that virtual desktops can scale back IT expenses. Cisco discovered that because the company noninheritable new businesses, BYOD permits the present staff to stay their devices and use them to log in to Cisco’s network. This semiconductor diode to a value savings of ten % year over year.

“Many organizations area unit yearning for ways in which to attain the advantages of desktop virtualization while not the requirement to put in and maintain instrumentality or create capital investments,” aforesaid Satinder Sethi, Cisco’s VP of Engineering for United Computing. “Not solely is DaaS an excellent answer for a growing range of corporations, however Cisco’s providing is unambiguously architected to assist cloud service suppliers win fast time-to-market whereas economically scaling their business.”