New energy storage technology acts sort of a UPS for your entire house

Is it me, or do plenty of the energy storage technologies creating their manner onto the market look plenty like particularly massive UPS devices (aka uninterruptible power supplies)? The latest one that i am reading regarding comes from Rosewater Energy of urban center, Fla., that is launching one thing known as the Rosewater Residential Energy Storage Hub. The company makes no bones regarding the UPS affiliation in its product description: the hub uses ten kW (kW)/12 kilowatt-hour (kWh) power quality technology to act as a surge productor Associate in Nursingd to act as another power supply in cases of an outage. Rosewater’s device uses lead-carbon (PbC) batteries from Axion Power, that it says shell ancient lead-acid accumulator technologies. It is being pitched as a complement to star installations, serving to store electricity once the sun is shining, and as technique of serving to owners participate in demand response programs — wherever utility customers get credit for reducing demand on the grid. Of course, that is provided you’ve got the cash to buy it within the 1st place — the technology is priced around $45,000. It ought to be attention-grabbing to envision what finance models emerge to support its adoption. And, frankly, wherever to place it.