NYSE Taps Juniper for 10G Ethernet Network

Juniper Networks has landed maybe its most important enterprise client so far, because the ny Stock Exchange plans to deploy many the company’s switches for a time-sensitive, low-latency 10Gbps Ethernet network.

The network can connect 2 NYSE information centers — one in New Jersey and also the alternative in London. NYSE officers say it’ll be among the fastest trading networks within the world, with latency within the fifty microsec to one hundred fifty microsec vary.

NYSE can deploy twenty to forty Juniper EX 8216 switches in its core and “a couple hundred” EX 2500s within the access layer of the network, NYSE officers said. The EX 2500 could be a 10Gbps Ethernet top-of-rack information center switch that Juniper OEMs from a 3rd party, probably BLADE Network Technologies — it doesn’t run the company’s JUNOS operating system.

Juniper has plans to eventually outfit NYSE with a completely JUNOS-based network, says David Yen, govt vice chairman and general management of Juniper’s information Center Business cluster.

In addition to the switches themselves, latency gains are derived by eliminating a layer of switching and routing within the NYSE network, officers say. The exchange flattening its network into a two-tier design from a three-tier construct, officers say.
“You cannot get to the latency and jitter numbers [we want] with a three-tier design,” says Andy Bach, NYSE senior vice chairman for network communications. “We’ve had lengthy discussion in-house on the professionals and cons” of every.

NYSE is implementing the new network next year, at which era it’ll be “the premiere place for conducting trading on the world,” says Steve Rubinow, CIO of NYSE Euronext. “We’re as quick because the fastest” trading network within the world, he adds. “No one else that we all know of is doing something like this.”

NYSE has no definitive timeline for upgrading the network to 40/100G Ethernet however can move quickly when standards and product are firm, Bach says. He additionally says the network can achieve latency levels within the low 10s of microseconds over consecutive many years.

The exchange evaluated “all major and a few minor” vendors for its 10G/low latency project, officers say. They found Juniper to possess the a lot of favorable product and road map.

NYSE are an early adopter of Juniper’s next-generation information center material, currently being developed beneath the Project Stratus code name, Juniper officers say. That effort is predicted to incorporate a major 40/100G Ethernet part.Also in the week, NYSE says it implemented middleware from Infiniband switch vendor Voltaire that accelerates the performance of automated trading and market information applications on 10G Ethernet. NYSE and Voltaire say the middleware helps the exchange achieve average latencies of twenty five microsec at rates of one million two hundred byte messages per second per core.