OS X Lion sold 6m copies, captured market share of 22% of the Mac

Apple has over six million copies of Mac OS X 10.7, better known as the Lion sold known since its inception in late July, Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said today.

This figure is 80% higher than sales from the previous operating system, Snow Leopard, while a similar route in 2009, Cook said in the first minutes of a presentation of the company from Cupertino, California campus to unveil the iPhone smartphone 4S.

Koch also took a shot at rival Microsoft and its Windows 7 operating system and said that Leo was at 10% of all Macs shot in the two weeks after release, compared to 20 to correspond with Windows 7 weeks, that level of penetration.

What was omitted cook much larger market share of Microsoft’s operating system, and thus sell the need for Windows 7 on a much larger amount of copies, to achieve a share of 10% of all Windows machines.

In September, Microsoft boasted that he was more than 450 million copies sold of Windows 7 from the 2009 edition of his debut.

According to Web metrics company Net Applications, lion ran about 22% of all Macs that were online last month, while his immediate predecessors, Snow Leopard, Mac accounted for 55% of 2007 Leopard and is operated for about 18%.

Windows 7 and now finished August with a share of 35% of all Windows PC.

In August, the first full month of availability, was the lion’s share of the total market, Mac OS X about 17%.