Pass4sure Cisco 642-901 3.14 version Update

Which of the following methods will allow you to roll back a hotfix that has been installed on 500 workstations running Windows XP Professional that are located in three domains of a single Windows Server 2003 functional level forest? 642-825 3.13 70-652 2.83 70-291 2.83 350-001 6.83

Write a script that calls the spuninst.exe utility from the particular service pack uninstall directory located under the %systemroot% directory of each workstation running Windows XP. Assign this script to run during startup on each system.

Place the hotfix on an accessible network share in each domain. Write a script that calls the hotfix on the network share with the /uninstall and /quiet switches. Assign this script to run during startup on each system.

Revoke the publication of the hotfix.exe in the Active Directory software deployment for the OU hosting all 500 computers running Windows XP.

Write a script that manually deletes all files and folders that the hotfix updated. Restore these from a pre-hotfix backup. 70-290 2.83 70-290 2.83 70-640 2.81 VCP-310 3.14

Use the driver rollback facility of Windows XP to roll back to the pre-hotfix system state.

Correct Answers: A and B

Correct When a hotfix is installed, a corresponding uninstallation directory is created off the %systemroot% directory. This directory is called $NtUninstallkbhotfixnumber$, where hotfixnumber is the KB hotfix number. KB can also be replaced by Q, which refers to a QFE (Quick Fix Engineering). Within this directory is an uninstallation directory that hosts a utility that will remove the hotfix if executed by a script.

Correct Hotfixes can be uninstalled by executing the hotfix by a script and using the /uninstall and /quiet switches.

Incorrect Hotfixes (unlike service packs) are not installed by using the software deployment options of Active Directory. Active Directory can be used to assign a script that will uninstall the hotfix.

Incorrect This would most likely break a lot of systems. It is also unlikely to work reliably. Finally, performing a software restore on each of 500 workstations running Windows XP would be somewhat tedious.

Incorrect The driver rollback facility cannot be used in this way. Hotfixes tend to have little to do with drivers. The driver rollback facility is used when a new driver creates problems on your computer, not when you want to uninstall a troublesome hotfix. 642-812 3.17 642-812 3.17 640-802 3.28 642-901 3.14