range, Cisco, EMC and VMware alliance as a cloud

Orange Business Services, Cisco, EMC and VMware have formed an alliance, called Flexible four businesses, companies offer four services in the cloud with levels of end-to-end service level agreements.

The alliance will offer a private cloud that can be deployed either in customer sites or (OBS), Orange Business Services network, with data backup, security as a service and unified communications services. Cisco, EMC and VMware already have ties as part of its tripartite Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) of the coalition, which offers Vblock infrastructure services and products to businesses.

Vblock be the basis for the supply of private cloud inside the flexible 4 pack business, while Cisco offers cloud security and unified communications. The four flexible forms business alliance part of the coalition offer VCE, but also represents a level of collaboration that is “working beyond VCE”, executives of the four companies said in a conference call Monday.