Refurbished Cisco

Refurbished equipment suffers from the perception it is false “below normal” or “out-of-date. In reality, little used, refurbished products are like new, but much more affordable. These are the seven myths that hinder buyers bargains. You fall for them!

Refurbished IT ≠ “damaged goods”
It’s a myth that has been refurbished components are sold well before them. This is not the case. Contrary to second-hand that can be held for months or years and is sold as, refurbished products are in the possession of a buyer for a very short period of time before being returned to the seller. Mostly, these products have not been before the reopening, but it must again be sold as used equipment. The reason for the return of the defective area or simply the wrong model. Regardless of any imperfections are repaired or replaced before they have checked and returned to new condition.

Refurbished IT ≠ “minor”
The second myth is renovated about products they somehow less valuable. This results from confusion between used and refurbished (see above). Refurbished Equipment is a great value and even as a new element. By buying a refurbished product, you can get the latest technology from the most respected brands in the world without paying the sticker price. “It is as always very well on a car like new with about 100 miles on it over to buy a new car, only half of the resale value of the moment lost, stand out!

Refurbished IT ≠ “limited quantity”
The third myth is that you do not find what you want from a catering company. In contrast, IT companies are a serious work-up, as we list products that are available and generally have the largest selection of brands and models. Resale Network Systems maintains a large inventory of parts and accessories, and Cisco has links to resources around the world seek to any part you need.

Refurbished IT ≠ “poor quality”
Myth number four is a hypothesis that the lack of quality. In the case of NSC, each refurbished product is the same quality as a “brand new” product of the same model. The renovated building was returned for a minor reason – a reason, completely resolved by the company sold before the renovation. In fact, our products are refurbished fewer problems than a new model would be the same brand, have been since there’s mistakes now discovered and treated before they are resold to an important market.

Refurbished IT ≠ “Out of date”
Another myth is that remanufactured products are outdated. This is incorrect. Refurbishing companies as we carry equipment updated to mid-cost. These products are often only a few months behind their counterparts brand new.

Refurbished IT ≠ “great argument”
A common myth is restored on the property, which is very valuable and not worth the trouble. In fact, you can buy new branded products are all the more painful, caused by companies that do not warrant or overall customer service. Refurbishment enterprises assure the quality of their products and generally offer comprehensive services.

Refurbished IT ≠ “default”
The most common myth is restored on the establishment, the product is defective. This is not logical … No society worthy of the name would be broken to sell products to the era of the Internet. Each product is quality tested fully renovated and is fully resolved all problems and make the product, such as the new quality, before finding their way onto the shelves. In the unlikely event that the product would fail again, the buyer is still protected by the guarantee provided by the manufacturer or a company reorganization.