rocade aims to conquer Cisco

Brocade plans to expand its reach even more here in the Middle East after successful conference welcomed Brocade and its switches VDX data center in the region. Brocade is now hoping to keep Cisco’s challenge in the field of top network architecture.

John McHugh, director of marketing for Brocade, said the company has become, especially since the acquisition of Foundry Networks in 2008 from a company focused on storage connectivity, one with a global IP address and data centers networking portfolio.

“Brocade is a processor and so a lot of readers may or may not know of Brocade. – You can find out how the company three years ago [today] is a place where Cisco is the dominant brand, but I think Cisco has struggled to create and move to the next generation of architecture and advance fundamental as that facing the problems, ”

McHugh added that Brocade is a pioneering technology that is radically simpler, more efficient energy and fits more with what customers are doing.

“I think it’s a very interesting player, and controversial, change-oriented industry that many customers are new, but his reaction to what we do and how we’re doing is almost uniformly responsive,” said

McHugh added that the new company’s technologies fit perfectly with the efficiencies that customers are leaving their servers and data centers. Brocade Brocade introduces the concept of One, a unified network architecture and strategy, as a tag that allows the vision and technology in June 2010 and the company said it would reveal the evolution later this year, and have.

. “We promised at the end of this year would be putting out products that customers can implement immediately to improve the way they transform their IT infrastructure into something that is enabled tag That’s what we are doing at this conference – the introduction of a product known as VDX and announced that the product today and they are showing on the floor here, “said McHugh.

Mc Hugh said VDX technology provides a virtualization system greatly simplifies the customers.

“The problem with virtualization is that while customers understand the value, breaks the existing infrastructure. It’s like giving a child just learning to drive a race car. It is too much for them to handle and the VDX domestic product that racing cars and ensures that it is simple enough to be able to display the value of virtualization without the overwhelming complexity, “he said.

With its growing success in the Middle East, the company has expanded rapidly in the cards.

The company currently has 22 people working in the UAE, with a presence in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Egypt and Kuwait, and is planning to bring more people in the local operation here in the UAE.

“[The Middle East] used to be an emerging market with some challenges;. The reality now is that there are a number of large companies and companies that have established operations here, so there is a huge potential market We are trying to make some intelligent decisions about how best to deploy resources and have the maximum coverage, same time, “said Alberto Soto, vice president Europe, Middle East and Africa.

McHugh says that virtualization is expanding at breakneck speed and the trend is far from diminishing.

“I’ve been in this industry about 28 years and have seen a lot of trends to market and noted that the customer buys VOIP, etcNo is nothing which is incorporated by customers to the speed at which virtualization is today day. It is a technology that is dramatically improving the way customers can scale their business and almost to the person that I understand why it is so powerful and important to them, “he said.