Russia wants centralize e-government

Ministry of Communication and Mass Media of Russia advocates the area to make way to build e-government. Minister of Communication and Mass Media of Russia Igor Schegolev has called representatives of the early establishment of e-government systems by providing solutions and services of the Russian Telecommunications Corporation Rostelecom. Igor Schegolev addressed the issue at the meeting of Regional Council’s Information Technologies Russia in Moscow recently.

Temporarily, in the web services unified national, not regional service. According to Igor Schegolev ideas, the creation of a regional branch of e-government system in Russia and to connect with the holder of Federal system would be simpler and more savings if the region to abandon the idea of creating its own platform IT manager accept the solution of e-government is unified Rostelecom.

Ministers warned colleagues in the region: “It absolutely can hire your own team of security information (e-government), you can create the business of construction to the transmission layer can be constructed a data processing center of its own, but I assure you that transmit traffic only 5% – 7% according to their ideas Igor Schegolev, however, must focus on the areas of services transferred to the form of electronic, while interest in the network infrastructure is configured as a specialized agency Rostelecom .