Salesforce Radian6 drinks from the Twitter firehose with global alliance

Salesforce and Twitter have announced a world alliance that allows customers using Radian6 to access public tweets in real time.

This deal is completely different from different deals with Twitter and agreements with firms like Datasift. Datasift provides historical access to knowledge from Twitter for its customers going back to January 2010.

This agreement is completely different. It sees Twitter pushing all of its four hundred million tweets per day on to Radian6 for its customers to access and analyse.

This world strategic alliance between and Twitter provides full access to Twitter’s public tweets to Salesforce Radian6 customers. this provides additional insight to social enterprises who will flip the huge volume of social conversations regarding their product, complete and business into close to real time engagements.

Customers are able to reply to changes in sentiment way more quickly that might strengthen client relationships. As firms still rework their business for today’s social world, this alliance empowers them to interact with customers in entirely new ways that.

Marcel LeBrun, SWV and GM for Salesforce said:

“Twitter has changed the way people around the world communicate and interact with brands. The alliance between Twitter and enables companies to apply the power of social listening and engagement to over 400 million Tweets daily, providing opportunities for social enterprises to engage, solve problems, gain followers and build brand identity.”

“Companies look to Twitter to connect with their customers in real time about the things that matter to them. understands how to facilitate these interactions,” said Jana Messerschmidt, vice president of Business Development at Twitter.

“Combining the power of Salesforce Radian6 with Twitter helps companies understand and respond to their customers as these conversations are happening.”