Saving Cisco Router Configuration

A team operating system sent an email today morning asked, is there a way to save configs to all devices on the network as a step in the safety net to lose if this configuration is registered, or if the power goes in one place. I took a look at NetMRI, an analysis of the problem was specific to this case. He began the timestamp for the moment that SNMP configuration has been changed and the time that the configuration was last saved. It creates a problem when a device to save the configuration timestamp later than the timestamp of the last.

Indeed, there were five units with configurations that have not been saved, so it was easy to take care of the problem without resorting to a network device with a ‘write mem “command. NetMRI is an even easier way Ordering the set of devices to run in the exhibition. All it took was based on all the devices of the question, please click on the button to execute a command on it and give you, “write mem “the command to execute. I do not start with “copy”, because it is a confirmation of the transfer request, a control input line required to run completely different. Executing the set of five devices only lasted a few minutes to install and run.

During the execution of storing five devices do not last very long is a manual process, it would not be much more significant savings of time before the instruments, in particular how to monitor this system and what have you done to . For more complex sets of commands, variables needed to be used in the commands to execute. My point is that the simple approach command execution does not always work. Sometimes you need a scripting language you determine the value of variables, such as an interface or an IP address can. A script may be necessary to collect and process data from the current configuration of the new set of commands to create the run on the device. That is one of NetMRI I have not seen in many other configuration items are made.