Skype launched third-party application developers directory services to help promote the use of

Skype has introduced a new application directory services to help users get Skype-based application program interface (API) developed by various third-party applications.

Currently, Skype Web site also features the service is very simple, but Skype has been based on type of consumer and enterprise applications have been classified in these types of applications including telephone records, video and desktop sharing. In addition, Skype also lists the ranking of various types of downloads of free and paid applications, evaluation of the best applications, and the latest applications. Currently, Skype is recording applications VodBurner most downloaded applications.

Each application for, Skype provide a detailed page that introduces the application of more information, including release dates, ratings and reviews, features, hardware requirements, and screenshots and so on. If you choose to download the application, Skype users will turn to the landing page development. Skype users can also be based on price, language, keywords, and operating system options to search for applications.

VodBurner founder and CEO Jeremy Hague said on Skype, allowing users to rate and comment on the application is a new service that will help developers to promote the application, so developers benefit. He also said that Skype had not provided a good way to release third-party applications.

In addition, Skype will be the client to the user application. In the latest Windows version of Skype, the user can view the application directory. Skype in the past not very friendly to developers, the launch of the directory service is an important step for improvement. The industry believes that, Skype launched the service may be subject to Microsoft’s influence. Microsoft had previously announced the acquisition of Skype.