Slashdot slashed by router woes

router problems down numerous Open Source Development Network sites for several days, including technology and news on the forum Problems have plagued the site intermittently since Friday, when the network router, according to an announcement Saturday at Slashdot.

OSDN fixed technical problems Sunday night, as the system integrator VA Linux, Linux, which has OSDN. However, some Internet users still could not access the sites Monday as they were being redirected to web sites established during OSDN temporary difficulties. Depending on how often an Internet service provider network upgrade your hardware, many people may still be able to access the sites.

“,,,, GIFWorks, AnimFactory and OSDN. com is down right now because we are having technical problems with our network routing equipment, “said the notice that greeted surfers some early Monday.

Despite the notice, Slashdot, and seemed to be available from 9:30 am PDT. At noon, all sites except on Slashdot was accessible. Slashdot instead was a message asking readers to restart your browser or delete your domain name cache.

The Open Source Development Network, once known as, brings together several sites dedicated to the operating system Linux, open source programming and open source philosophy.