Softbank announces 110 Mbps network

Softbank, Japan’s third largest mobile operator and exclusive provider of Apple’s iPhone in the country, said on Thursday that it would be in November, a network of new data to start the download of 110 Mbps (megabits per second), faster than many cable connections offer today.

The new “Softbank 4G” network will initially provide via modem, the small mobile wireless networks for computers and other devices that have traveled with the company to urban centers in the country in April 2013. It is compatible with a standard that more and more Chinese media reports say that Apple’s support, which means that future iPhones on Softbank network access to blazing download speeds could have.

“As cloud computing comes into practice, something that we can not help but reach high speeds for the mobile Internet,” said Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son, in an interview with journalists and industry representatives during a demonstration in downtown Tokyo. “This network is among the fastest speeds, also in the world.”

Softbank will begin offering a modem-size soap, up to 76 Mbps download and a wireless connection for up to 10 devices, which will go on sale in February. The machine starts networking Softbank existing data, if they are not within the reach of the new system.

The network, which provides additions to 15 Mbps will be based on a format called AXGP, an enhanced version of an old standard Japanese Personal Handy-phone System (PHS). Softbank said it was “well tolerated” with TD-LTE, a standard Chinese also know that the LTE TDD, which is becoming increasingly popular throughout Asia. Have media reports, Apple said on the support of the standard required in future devices.

The carrier also announced a new series of smartphones, many with sparkling buttons and functions such as e-mail decoration and image editing features that customers, especially women, who are yet to win with traditional mobile phones. These new mobile phones are sold to Japanese manufacturers such as Sharp, Panasonic, Kyocera, and Dell and Huawei, which will go on sale later this year or early 2012.

“Smartphones are already no longer an item only for men who love to be new technology,” said son, who at once brought to the stage with many young people, the phone wielding female models.

Softbank manages the smallest of Japan’s three major mobile operators in respect of contracts, but was higher than that of its competitors by adding new users to the son, the iPhone exclusive rights to Apple’s maintained and iPad over the network and plans are for aggressive pricing and advertising communication.

The monopoly on Apple products at the end of next year, when the No. 2 carrier KDDI also began the implementation of the iPhone, according to many local media. Repeatedly about the upcoming release of the new iPhone and the end of the monopoly of Apple, Softbank, Son normally loquacious questioned repeatedly declined to comment.