Solving my biggest MacBook Pro annoyance … for only $20

What is it? it is a precision-engineered metal ring that attaches to the MagSafe two instrumentation that will increase the strength of the magnetic affiliation whereas still permitting you to connect and detach the instrumentation ordinarily.

And the Snuglet does not simply match the MagSafe two instrumentation, it fits it exactly, due to the very fact that it’s been machined to a tolerance of but the diameter of a personality’s hair.

The cost? $20. Sure, i am paying a third-party to unravel Apple’s engineering issues, however it is a tiny value to stay my MacBook professional high-powered up dependably.

The Snuglet has been designed to figure with all new Apple MacBooks that have the MagSafe two instrumentation. These embrace ALL MacBook Air and MacBook professional with membrane show models purchased when June 2012.