Sony to restore Thursday all PlayStation Network services

Sony PlayStation Network Services will fully recover on Thursday in all regions except Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea, the company said.

He said in a statement Thursday it again on the unlimited music service Qriocity for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Vaio laptops and other PCs.

Sony announced Tuesday does not mean the restoration of these services by this weekend, but a date.

The details of the recovery in Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea as well as for other services Qriocity be made as they become available, Sony said again Thursday.

Sony has cut its PlayStation Network and Qriocity service on April 20, the day after the recognition of what she later described as “very high” intrusion. Cyber ​​attacks exposed personal data of about 77 million users.

The first phase of PlayStation Network and Qriocity restoration began on May 15 in North and South America, Europe and other countries have followed last Saturday by Japan and some Asian countries, Sony said earlier this week.

The company plans a “Welcome Back” package of services and “premium content” for all registered users on PlayStation Network and Qriocity. In an effort to appease customers, Sony has been advertising free gifts such as video games and movies available. He also offered free services for the protection of identity theft in the U.S. last week. Details of the Welcome Back program in each region will be announced later, Sony said.