Sprint intros international mobile cellular router

Sprint announced today the first mobile cellular router, which can be in both the United States and distributed internationally, the International Mobile hotspot of ZTE.

This is similar to the Sprint MiFi 4082, with one exception: it offers no support for 4G networks. The new International Mobile Hotspot Wireless-N does not, or just the old standard 802.11g.

As with other mobile hot-spot solutions, the new router supports up to five Wi-Fi client at a time, comes in a very compact design and provides about 4 hours of battery life. It comes with a pre-installed, the SIM card for both W-CDMA and GSM enabled capability. It can also be connected to a laptop computer to function as a modem or an SD card reader.

The new International Mobile Hotspot is available now for $ 50 (after $ 50 rebate with a two-year contract). It comes with a different data plan that costs only $ 60 per month with a cap of 5 GB Other international rates vary by location.