Tablets: iPad Still Leading ‘Fire’ at Best Buy, Says Baird

R.W. Baird’s Will Power today writes that his calls to Best Buy (BBY) outlets revealed that Apple’s (AAPL) iPad is still leading tablet computer sales, “with most reps indicating that it continues to be the best selling device,” remarking that “ease-of-use” was cited by store reps as the main reason for the iPad’s continued success.

Power notes that’s (AMZN) “Kindle Fire” tablet, released last fall, “was absent from most reps’ recommendations” for tablets. However, it seems reps did mention the Fire, but they are describing it to customers as an “e-reader,” with tablet-like features, Power writes.

The Asustek Computer (2357TW) “Transformer” and the Samsung Electronics (005930KS) “Galaxy Tab” topped reps’ list of tablets based on Google’s (GOOG) Android software, with the Best Buy folks touting the attachable keyboard of the transformer and the Galaxy Tab recommended somewhat less than the Transformer.