The Brocade 7500 SAN router

The Brocade 7500 SAN router can help save time and money when moving large amounts of data.

The Brocade 7500 SAN Router is a faster (4 Gb/sec) routing switch that gives scalable Fibre Channel routing services, combined with performance-optimized SAN extension, all managed by familiar Brocade administrative tools, under a unified management platform.

Now you can cost-effectively corral all your SAN data, for backup and DR, quickly and securely, on independent fabrics, local or remote. It is powerful enough to boost high-performance enterprise storage network throughput while significantly cutting costs. And it is affordable enough to bring cost-effective device and data sharing to just two small SANs.


  • Provides an enterprise building block for consolidation and business continuity solutions that drive efficiency and cost savings
  • Significantly reduces the cost and effort of SAN design, implementation, and management
  • Enables secure connections across IP WANs through IPSec encryption, and provides powerful hardware-assisted FCIP capabilities for line-rate performance
  • Optimizes performance for SAN extension across suboptimal WANs with storage optimized protocol enhancements and features such as Fast Write for FCIP, Tape Pipelining, and hardware-based compression
  • Simplifies interconnection and support for mixed-vendor SAN environments

Key Benefits

  • Saves time and money on SAN design, implementation, and management
  • Device sharing across disparate SANs at 4 Gb/sec speeds
  • Powerful hardware-assisted FC over IP line-rate remote performance
  • Highly advanced, standardized SAN connectivity services
  • Reliable, safe SAN extension across suboptimal WANs
  • SAN sharing without the complexity of physically merging SANs