The greatest smartphone in 2009

Nokia N900

We begin by taking the best smartphone in the portfolio Finnish manufacturer Nokia. His latest smartphone is the first of a new race, it is the first phone in the history of open-source Maemo OS used (previously used only in Nokia Internet Tablet range). Say hello to the Nokia N900. The operating system provides the Nokia N900 Maemo a friendly touch user interface, and how the phone includes a QWERTY keyboard, have to say it has more methods of interaction with the cell phone, not only touchscreen. It’s not just the UI, though, as the Nokia N900 is bursting full of premium features. A 5-megapixel camera, you can make beautiful photos, amazing media player, and with HSDPA and GPS, the Nokia N900 is certainly no shortage of connectivity options.

Palm Pre

On the other hand, if you talk about user interfaces, telephone poles and two other phones in this paper, hands down: the revolutionary Palm Pre. This is simply because the Palm on its own Pre complete operating system known WebOS that probably the most elegant, intuitive operating system that is designed never done. And the gesture controls intuitive and finger scans for each interaction on the phone, the Palm Pre, a tight integration between different applications. Make a movie ticket with an application, and the Palm Pre immediately updated to display the calendar at a time. Multitask loads of different applications astonished, and as you scream Palm Pre along effortlessly and without delay observed. Worldwide familiar interfaces, essentially, the Palm can not be exceeded before!


Thus, we have the Nokia N900 Maemo this OS, and then there’s the Palm Pre, WebOS functions. And then you have the HD2 HTC, holds the record for the largest screen seen on mobile. Entering a large 4.3 inch, it is truly gigantic, and WVGA, 800 × 480 resolution, it is really easy for things like scrollbars and pulldown menus to use. But the HTC HD2 do an outstanding job, if you do not need to navigate through Windows menus often normal, as is the top level of the OS interface, HTC’s patented Sense IU, what are you all throughout the different steals Finger and sweeping motions. It is incredibly easy to use, and (with 1GHz Snapdragon processor actually very impressive) makes the HTC HD2 such a joy to use. Of course, not everyone needs raw processing power, a phone to have decent features and HTC HD2, it has in abundance, the 5 megapixel camera with GPS, the incredible access HSDPA speed Internet (not to mention beautiful Opera Mobile Web Browser), which explains why many people consider the best phone ever.