Tips for Safety Driving taken from the Singapore Police Force

Tips for Safety Driving taken from the Singapore Police Force:

#Your view of the road will be improved.
#In heavy traffic it is safer to look through the windows of the vehicle in front than to pull out for a better view of the road ahead.
#You are less likely to have to slam on the brakes should the vehicle in front stop suddenly. This in turn gives the driver behind more time to react.
#An impatient driver following along behind will be able to use the gap to overtake.
#Should you wish to overtake you will be well placed to see when it is safe to do so.
#Don’t drive in any vehicle’s blind spots for any longer than you have to on straight roads.
#When you come to a complete halt, held up behind a line of vehicles at traffic lights or road works, you should #make sure that you can see both tarmac and the rear tyres of the vehicles in front of you

Three components of attitude are:

Thinking – when we think we have good skills, long driving experience and good vehicle with safety features, we think that we can handle any situation and it is perfectly safe.

Feeling – over self-confidence will increase our self-belief that we can take risks and it is perfectly safe.

Behaviour – we will be driving over the speed limits, beating the traffic lights, weaving in and out of traffic and even tailgating.