Top 15 Open Source CMS Systems

You’ve all heard of open source systems management content as Joomla and Drupal. However, there are many other systems, open source content management are most responsive to the needs of your site. In fact, some of the least popular CMS actually offer capabilities not found in the standard CMS. Not all CMS to hype the developer, but we have to live for a full list of 20 open source content management were compiled.

1st Drupal: A systems the most popular and powerful content management. Many believe that Drupal is the best.

2nd WordPress: During this CMS was originally for blog publishing, it quickly became one of the most popular CMS on the planet.

3rd Joomla: as in the first three of each CMS’s list of all users of CMS. Joomla is used by many enterprise customers and professional sites, such as the construction side of the United Nations.

4th b2evolution: A fully functional utility service Weblog / CMS offers support for multiple categories / sub-categories, skins, multiple blogs, reviews, statistics, photo management and a spam filter.

5th Movable Type: Just as WordPress, Movable Type is also a very capable utility blog creation process which is commonly used for creating dynamic websites.

6.Alfresco: a very capable CMS Professional offers a variety of document management functions.

7th Xoops: This object oriented extensible CMS extremely easy to use and is very popular among PHP programmers.

8th E107: Another popular PHP-based CMS designed for rapid and easy creation of community portals and web professionals.

9th DotCMS: A Java-WCMS (Web Content Management System) with event management online integrated communication and personalization, CRM tools, an AJAX calendar, e-commerce and more hooks.

10th ImpressCMS: An Open Source CMS for the site construction and maintenance for effective. The CMS will be an excellent solution for professional users who are building a community site focused on business.

11 Exponent: A CMS that competent webmaster can easily create and maintain dynamic Web sites and with absolutely no coding experience.

12 KnowledgeTree Document Management System: A comprehensive document management specifically designed for business collaboration and ease of storage and organization.

13 Liferay: CMS provides an enterprise portal solution with Web 2.0 and Java technologies.

14th Pivot: CMS developed a utility for managing dynamic web pages, blogs and online magazines. Includes a variety of post-organization.

15th Magnolia: Mostly used by government websites, this CMS is a user interface, editing content authors outline exactly as it would be visible from the site visitors can. The CMS has the high end (BOB) Java technology.

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