Top 4 Network Development Job Opportunities

1. Network Technician (LAN Support Technicians)
This position involves maintaining operations for a company’s in-house computer network, including maintenance of hardware, software, and internal and external links. The Network Technician must also be prompt in diagnosing and repairing hardware and software problems. This position may also require the technician to provide support and training company-wide.

2. Network Engineer (LAN Administrators, LAN Installers)
The role of a Network Engineer is to examine the installation and support for LAN and WAN capabilities. The Network Engineer will be responsible for keeping a company’s computer system connected to the proper channels. Duties for this position may also require support and troubleshooting for personnel that accesses a network from a remote location.

3. Computer Programmer (PC Technicians)
The job of a Computer Programmer is to build and find solutions for computer programs. This position requires tactical problem-solving abilities. A programmer’s main job is to program computer software to perform a specific task. Heavy training is required to perform the job duties as required.

4. Network Support
This position can often be referred to as the Help Desk Technician. The Network Support professional’s job duties will often include answering basic and complex questions, helping company personnel access networks, and troubleshooting via telephone. The Network Support professional must have specific training in the network and software with the ability to communicate vital information quickly and efficiently.

Not all network development jobs are the same. Each position has different duties and can expect various levels of compensation. Network development job titles may also change depending on a specific company’s job description, duties and requirements.