UAE TRA incoraggia Mobile Innovation

The UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has Announced a partnership with Research In Motion (RIM), Etisalat and Du, to foster mobile innovation across the region.

The partnership will support the TRA’s sent to Encourage, Promote, Develop and the telecoms and information technology industry in the UAE and across the region.

The development signals a long-term commitment to address the growing market opportunities for smart phones, tablets and Services That serves the needs of businesses, Organisations and individuals in the Middle East.

The partnership is committed to Bringing Also more localised content and applications to the BlackBerry platform in the Middle East.

HE Mohamad Bin Ahmad Al-Qamzi, Chairman of the TRA, says: “This collaboration Demonstrates the TRA’s commitment to sustain Technological leadership in eGovernment services through mobile designed to better serve the Citizens throughout the region. BlackBerry smartphones are the leading mobile communications tool in the Middle East and are increasingly Adopted by Our Citizens for Their Powerful messaging and multimedia capabilities. The TRA believe this initiative will help to Encourage, Promote, Develop and more public interaction and Involvement Between the government and the Citizens and residents through the BlackBerry platform. ”

The strategic collaboration will support a variety of Initiatives Including Improving the Mobilisation of eGovernment services and Fostering the expansion of mobile banking.