Used Cisco Buyer’s Tips

With all of the faux and counterfeit instrumentality floating round the used Cisco marketplace, it’s sensible to take care once shopping for Refurbished Cisco product on eBay. There ar plenty of solid resellers out there, however higher safe than sorry. thereupon aforementioned, I supply the subsequent cautionary measures to take:

Seven Tips to purchasing Used Cisco on eBay

1) Communicate with the vendor before the auction closes.

The “ask vender a question” button is your friend. It permits you to urge Associate in Nursingswers to any queries that you simply might need regarding an item before you purchase. even though no burning queries return to mind, I still prefer to use this feature to create certain I’m handling a true person, and to realize some insight into however useful of a vender they’ll be.

2) Check the freight value.

Sure, a giant Cisco Switch may appear as if a killer deal at $150 on eBay. however don’t grind to a halt shopping for it before you discover out it’s shipping from Australia and freight are fourfold the acquisition value. IT systems is hefty, and consequently, thus will the freight. If there isn’t a flat fee listed or the simplest way to calculate freight, then raise the vendor for help.

3) Do a background check.

A surface level check is done by viewing the amount of previous sales and reading buyers’ feedback. I’m sometimes not snug unless I see a minimum of fifteen to twenty previous transactions with real feedback – not generically created. If the greenback quantity is over $1000, I’ll seek for a history of nearer to a hundred transactions or a lot of.

4) Background Check two.0: Go Deeper.

Trusting the vendor is thus necessary, that generally we’ve got to appear even more. If I don’t feel snug once examining the seller’s eBay history, then i would get somewhat bit a lot of inventive. i will be able to contact them and raise them for a few data regarding their business. If they jubilantly submit data and provides legitimate data to back it up (non-P.O. Box addresses, references, etc…) then I’m way more assured. Also, check to ascertain if they mention their business within the listing and appearance it au courant your favorite programme.

5) build comparisons off eBay.

Find one thing listed on eBay, however you’re unsure if it’s the most effective deal? Google it and you’ll realize revered businesses that carry it. You’ll usually realize similar rating, with warranties and client service inherent that you simply wouldn’t get at auction.

6) raise a stronger deal.

Viewed Associate in Nursing auction that didn’t sell? raise the vendor if they’d lower their value for you and re-list it as a “buy-it-now” auction at your specified value. you’ll be able to conjointly barter on shipping prices, or raise them to use your shipping account and not charge a fee. Some don’t opt for it, however asking ne’er hurts.

7) Buy-it-Now isn’t get-it-now.

Always check to create certain the lister still has the hardware, and what the time interval are. I’ve found that generally corporations or people post renewable listings, then ignore them. within the in the meantime, they’ve oversubscribed the item and not have it. If they are doing comply with fulfill the order, it will take weeks or months to receive the delivery – because of their got to supply it. I wont to suppose “Buy-it-now” was automatic, however currently I continuously countercheck.

8) Used Cisco Bonus purpose

Since this can be the used Cisco market we’re handling, a bonus purpose is important. take care to raise the vendor beforehand if this can be real used Cisco product and not counterfeit product. you’ll need to conjointly raise them for a serial range and run that within the Cisco information (a partner will try this for you). Also, use caution with new in box instrumentality as this floods the market from overseas and is a lot of oft faux.

If you’re taking heed of the higher than recommendation, and end up within the right circumstance, eBay shopping for experiences will prevent cash – as long as you’re willing to require the steps required to safeguard the group action.

Here is a few a lot of background on used Cisco products:
(the following is excerpted from a post I wrote for Network World)

How before long do Cisco Routers and Switches become on the market Used?

2-3 Months once a product has been free new, you’ll be able to generally realize it used. this might return as a surprise to some United Nations agency assume you’ll be able to solely realize second or third generation hardware used. because of bankruptcies, mistaken purchases, or demo units, it’s potential to search out the newest and greatest likewise as EOL instrumentality.

Is Used Cisco identical as market Cisco?

No, market product is instrumentality that has been purchased new from another country so as to be oversubscribed in a very region wherever the manufacturer charges a lot of for it. Used Cisco hardware is simply antecedently used instrumentality given a second life.

What condition of kit ought to I expect from Used Cisco hardware?

Just because you are buying used instrumentality, you mustn’t got to accept calibre. Cisco reman and used Cisco gear from legitimate brokers is usually in similar condition to what’s presently in your datacenter. often dealers can supply more discounts on “ugly-duckling” instrumentality that functions however has some scratches or dings. you must be told of this direct although.

How ar costs assault the used market?

The used Cisco market is Associate in Nursing open market wherever instrumentality is listed as a second-hand artefact. costs rise and fall supported perceived convenience and demand within the marketplace. the most effective thanks to compare costs is to try to to thus against different resellers as a result of scrutiny against list is totally whimsical. counting on the model or feature, discounts will vary from thirty to ninetieth off list.

When is that the best time to buy?

Give yourself time to see out all of your choices, however conjointly understand that used resellers will generally ship nightlong if you are in a very pinch. finish of month, finish of quarter and finish of year ar nice times to shop for as sales reps aim to fulfill their quotas.

Who buys Used Cisco?

Fortune 500s and SMBs alike. people, resellers, government agencies and makers, too.

Should you think about used Cisco?

You have to choose for yourself, however it’s undoubtedly price obtaining a quote or 2 so you’ll be able to build Associate in Nursing aware call. Some users begin with coaching or demo hardware and so move to development or production units if their confidence gets to it level.