Used Cisco Q&A

If you take heed of the above advice, and find yourself in the right circumstance, eBay buying experiences can save you money – as long as you’re willing to take the steps needed to safeguard the transaction.

Here is some more background on used Cisco products:

(the following is excerpted from a post I wrote for Network World)

How soon do Cisco Routers and Switches become available Used?

2-3 Months after a product has been released new, you can typically find it used. This may come as a surprise to some who assume you can only find 2nd or 3rd generation hardware used. Due to bankruptcies, mistaken purchases, or demo units, it is possible to find the latest and greatest as well as EOL equipment.

Is Used Cisco the same as Gray Market Cisco?

No, Gray Market product is equipment that has been purchased new from another country in order to be sold in a region where the manufacturer charges more for it. Used Cisco hardware is just previously used equipment given a second life.

What condition of equipment should I expect from Used Cisco hardware?

Just because you’re purchasing used equipment, you shouldn’t have to settle for low quality. Cisco reman and used Cisco gear from legitimate brokers is typically in similar condition to what is currently in your datacenter. Occasionally dealers will offer further discounts on “ugly-duckling” equipment that functions but has some scratches or dings. You should be informed of this upfront though.

How are prices set on the used market?

The used Cisco market is an open market where equipment is traded as a second-hand commodity. Prices rise and fall based on perceived availability and demand in the marketplace. The best way to compare prices is to do so against other resellers because comparing against list is completely arbitrary. Depending on the model or feature, discounts can range from 30 to 90% off list.

When is the best time to buy?

Give yourself time to check out all of your options, but also know that used resellers can typically ship overnight if you’re in a pinch. End of month, end of quarter and end of year are great times to buy as sales reps aim to meet their quotas.

Who buys Used Cisco?

Fortune 500s and SMBs alike. Individuals, resellers, government agencies and manufacturers, too.

Should you consider used Cisco?

You have to decide for yourself, but it is definitely worth getting a quote or two so that you can make an informed decision. Some users start with training or demo hardware and then move to development or production units if their confidence gets to that level.