Video next rising network force

BALI – Video is the fastest growing application on the contents of the network, with an increase of 90 percent, surpassing the demand for applications in the cloud, according to a managing director of Blue Coat Systems.

This exponential growth of video content is to make the bandwidth congestion, therefore reducing or reduce the effectiveness of business-critical systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), said Mark Urban, senior director of product marketing.

In an interview with ZDNet Asia in the context of the Conference of Blue Coat partners in Asia-Pacific on Thursday, said Urban companies today for ways to maintain secure networks while reducing the bandwidth and makes innovation in the IT space.

The companies are concerned that the external factors that disrupt the delivery of business applications, he said. Is therefore from the perspective of network performance, said it was “dangerous” if a higher bandwidth for content business is not making a slowing of the network.

Urban said: “From forth a budget, we are talking about the loss of real money.”

To increase the video traffic, companies can deploy WAN (Wide Area Network) optimization tools that enable the caching and prepositioning Flow Division of the videos, he said, pointing to the delivery of Blue Coat product. Security vendors believe that these features may allow companies to free bandwidth to meet the basic needs.

Business benefits of video, too
Urban said the video traffic is not necessarily the content is not only essential business processes, such as YouTube clips. Companies these days also looking for videos, for example, to improve communication between management and employees.

“It also allows you to [Services], to be innovative and do things such as video training. So, instead of employees to physical classes [a place] that now reach around the world and offer training in the shortest time same period, “he said.

Blue Coat CEO Michael Borman also showed that the business software maker SAP, Blue Shield of technology to training videos for your sales force display to use.

“The videos are all there and cached on the server so that employees can access from around the world on it, while reducing the pressure on the bandwidth requirements of SAP,” said Borman.

He likened the service to the Akamai server technology, which stores and distributes content and applications on a local server. “We are like a private Akamai – which can push and pull video content company,” he said.

He said the media company, Thomson Reuters, Blue Shield is also dedicated to give their push and pull of video services.

If on the security threats that may arise from video content has been increasing demand, said Urban cyber-attack with a tactic of using popular video player upgrade. If you click the innocent victims, on the appropriate link, viruses can be downloaded to their computers, he said.

“Not that the virus integrated into the video, but the process [to be a malware infection],” said Urban.