Where to start CCIE

Last week a friend of mine just got his CCIE number. We have been together in a field book last year in October. It was also his third attempt. And, as I’ve heard of him, was also very unsure about the final result and could not believe what he has seen the day after CCIE profile. Congratulations to him. Moreover, as it did have a son who is 16 months old, not always let you do whatever you want. But as you can see, it is possible. It’s just very hard to get motivated every time, but as you stick to it, is possible.

So where to start, when just at the beginning of everything and not know where to head. You build your laboratory for yourself or is it better to rent a lab? What study materials are needed? How long do you need? What is the best approach to learning and to the laboratory.

I’ll try to answer some questions here and hopefully will be helpful in your journey to CCIE.

Written ist the starting point
First you must pass the written exam before they can even think of laboratory practice at all. This is quite some time.

Always check out the Cisco home page for the latest news on this topic. This must become the main indicator to go and where to find information about the lab.

Always do the most updated information on the route CCIE Certifications
Just go to “www.cisco.com / go / CCIE” and there you can start reading about issues and regardings recomandations the book written exam and lab practical exam.

After completing your exam, you will need to schedule your lab date.

Join groupstudy. This mailing list is a good resource for questions during their study. www.groupstudy.com

This laboratory will run for 8 hours and can be taken in various places on earth. The only place in Europe Brussels, Belgium.

What you have to do in the coming weeks or months, depending on their abilities is mainly the speed of configuration and knowledge. And you have to make your plan, how it will overcome the beast.

Most important points are:

Setting Speed
Time Management
Knowledge technology
A good sleep last night

I just try to practice each one technology. Do not start with the realization of one laboratory after another. Look after each other and debug technology and / or confirm things as much as possible. This will be the key to become increasingly self-confident.

Try some laboratories. If you work for a Cisco Gold Parter can Cisco ASET Lab. I can recommend as Thery are a very good opportunity to get an idea of what Cisco wants you to do in the real laboratory. He has AutoVerify function, allowing you to check out what is wrong and how well.

http://www.cisco. com/warp/public/765/download/pep/aset.html

Since, most not easily found mistakes yourself. It’s good to have a tool that the qualification for you.

Do not worry if you can not access ASET labs. Mock Labs providers have different or classification systems, which will be very similar to Cisco ASET Lab. Only when your ready for the lab. If you have made some sellers eight laboratories of time, you should check where you are and if you really ready to take the lab. You are quite easily.

Then focus on issues that do not know. Try not to focus on topics you already know. If it is possible to select some of them to test your knowledge on these.

Be careful not to fool yourself with just settings that you already know very well and set aside others who need more practice.


At least in the lab day you need a good sleep. Just go through each task and if you can not solve it immediately, just leave it alone and move on to the next task. Just remember, you only get 4.2 points for each task. If you stay with one no more than 30 minutes worth it’absolutly. Just leave them alone if possible.

If you have to jump more than 15 questions right away, may not be your day and you’ve spent a lot of money for lunch today.

Try to verify their solutions more than once. Read all questions more than once. Also, after two, three times the reading was still missing something. Check everything.

Having gone through the lab all, check out things that have left earlier. Then you may be able to find a solution for missing items more easily, with most laboratories and resolved.

You have to have more than 80% of points available. You do not have to get 100%. If you have passed the laboratory, it appears the number of points that have reached or passed only now being observed. So if someone tells you, got all 100 points, he could never now, if this is the case.

And we must meet at least 3 out of 4 questions correctly. These questions are posed at the beginning of his lab and will focus on key issues. Do not worry about these issues.

Some say they have had some say easy laboratory, a laboratory has been difficult. I say it depends on their preparation. Most laboratories will have a similar level.

So when you add to the growing list of worldwide CCIE? Good luck.