Why Buy Cisco Equipment On eBay

When you are considering buying Used Cisco equipment on eBay there are some factors you need to take into account to ensure you are getting the best equipment at the cheap price.

Any Cisco equipment is purchased either from another source or directly from Cisco is registered at that time with the company. So make sure whatever their purchase of eBay has a record number of Cisco and do not accept anything from someone who says that there is a number because it is a genuine Cisco equipment.

Note that when you buy Cisco equipment is not a chip integrated software that can only be licensed to the person or company that made the original purchase. Therefore, you can get a good deal on Cisco equipment, but there is also the cost of renewing a license transfer to the legitimate software. To re-license the software chip is needed to make a service call and have a Cisco authorized to make the change that sometimes it can cost up to three hundred dollars.

You should be aware that all Cisco Catalyst switches, stackable both independent and have a limited manufacturer’s warranty for life. This means that Cisco has the discretion to make any repairs or replacement of these switches to what the company believes that the life of the unit. The lifetime of the unit also includes a total of five years after the unit has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

SmartNet is the only service contract or extended warranty that is authorized by Cisco. If you want to access secure parts of Cisco’s website for software or firmware then you need to buy a SmartNet service contract. Nothing else can be said to give you access to not buy anything but SmartNet service contract if you want access to the secure part of Cisco’s Web site includes Cisco TAC.

If you ever doubt the legitimacy of a product on eBay there is always the option of calling Cisco and give them the serial number of the product. This way you can be sure you are getting a legitimate unit, not a gray market product. Used Cisco may also call to confirm that they have become a registered user of a product after completing your purchase.

If you still are not sure you’re getting a legitimate product then you can go to Cisco’s website and find a Cisco Partner logo on your list to verify a legitimate seller of the products to sell Cisco Cisco equipment. This is your best guarantee foolproof and all you are buying legitimate Cisco equipment. The most important part of the purchase of Cisco equipment on eBay is to confirm that power comes through a source that is an authorized reseller of Cisco.