Why Data Sanitization important

Data Sanitization is that the method of deliberately, for good, and irreversibly removing or destroying the info keep on a storage device. a tool that has been sanitised has no usable residual information and even advanced rhetorical tools mustn’t ever be ready recover erased information. Data Sanitization processes embrace employing a package utility that fully erases the info, a separate hardware device that connects to the device being sanitised and erases the info, and/or a mechanism that physically destroys the device thus its information can’t be recovered.

The concern for data security and privacy has increased dramatically given technology advances and also the nearly omnipresent nature of electronic communications. data storage devices, like magnetic disk drives, CDs, and USB flash drives, etc. area unit usually wont to support all aspects of university life, nevertheless users of those merchandise area unit typically unaware of the necessity to make sure the privacy of the knowledge keep on these devices. Given recent changes to federal and state laws, University of California policy, and varied security breaches throughout the UC system, attention to Data Sanitization problems, practices, and procedures has become a crucial priority for the UCR community.