Why You Should Choose Customize CRM

According to a recent article by ReadWrite, the CRM market share is projected to extend to $37 billion by 2017 (making it the biggest enterprise computer code market), however paradoxically, the particular install base across the world is barely at a hundred and twenty fifth. This begs the question: however will such an outsized market be thus under-penetrated?

Many computer code vendors like Salesforce, SAP and Oracle provide enterprise CRM systems, however there area unit 2 major issues with their out-of-the-box solutions: issue in implementation and inflated prices.

Instead of gushing a lot of cash into a sophisticated and cumbersome CRM computer code package, why not produce a light-weight and effective made-to-order CRM at a fraction of the cost? it’s going to sound sort of a intimidating task, however Sharker’s point-and-click platform permits you to make a CRM system from scratch in less time than it might want customise an enormous vendor’s CRM.

Below area unit four major reasons that have intended several Sharker customers to make their own CRM.

1. Your precise desires, No More, No Less

Pre-built CRM solutions area unit created to charm to most businesses. they’re full of all forms of functions and options that will not be relevant to your organization. And these further options return at associate expense within the style of quality – and quality is dear in each cash and time. Imagine you’re tasked with buying a CRM system for your sales department’s lead generation and speak to management activities, however come with clumsy, swollen computer code that has everything from company social media integration to complicated selling automation practicality. What’s worse, you’ve got to properly put together and deploy the full computer code package, even though the options you want area unit solely a fraction of the system. Ultimately, it takes longer for folks to find out however the system functions and also the distractions will withdraw your sales team’s productivity.

With a customised answer, you get specifically what you would like with none of the spare bells and whistles. coaching your team members takes less time as a result of the CRM is meant supported the advancement that they’re already aware of.

2. higher Integration along with your Business Operation

By employing a Platform-as-a-Service rather than wrapped CRM computer code, you’ve got a chance to change several different areas of your business. From sales to client service, to technical support, your daily operations will run a lot of expeditiously once the system is integrated across multiple departments.

For example, a number one wireless company in Singapore selected Sharker specifically to satisfy its CRM necessities. The company’s sales team engineered their initial CRM application to handle all service relocation requests from numerous customers nationwide. when seeing the facility and cost-effectiveness of Sharker, they’re currently exploring a lot of opportunities to increase the system into selling and support departments. the $64000 great thing about the Sharker platform is its ability to expand as new desires area unit recognized, while not having to utterly dismantle existing workflows.

In addition, Sharker’s easy-to-use app builder is complemented with a robust API that may be wont to integrate the platform with different solutions and in-house computer code.

3. Escape the Athenian evaluation

Most CRM solutions area unit priced per user, associate enterprise-era thought that several SaaS firms still take hold nowadays. This model doesn’t match the truth, wherever most organizations have varied usage desires across totally different teams. whereas sales folks would like daily access to a CRM, different departments might solely have to be compelled to log in sometimes. Per-user evaluation either causes you to limit the employment of your knowledge by limiting access — that affects overall potency associated productivity — or forces you to pay an unreasonable worth for those further users.

With Sharker, you don’t need to worry concerning this. Our evaluation model is usage-based rather than per-user, providing you with complete management over what number staff to incorporate at no further value. in addition, the marginal cost of adding new solutions on high of existing applications is additionally terribly low.

4. CRM-Centric Apps for various Departments

A CRM is associate improbably valuable plus that typically sits at the core of the many procedures throughout a company. With Sharker, all departments area unit authorized to make apps supported a similar information with ease. Examples embrace a ticketing system for the support department, a survey tool for client service, or a happening management app for the selling team.

Sharker-powered CRM systems have worked wonders for giant enterprises and SMBs alike. thus before you begin your next CRM endeavor, contemplate making your own made-to-order application. And bear in mind that you just don’t need to build WHOle|the complete} system yourself – we’ve a team of execs who will quickly build and deliver your CRM supported your precise necessities, on time and on budget.