Wi-Fi Alliance starts certifying tunnel technology for better wireless performance

The Wi-Fi Alliance has launched a program to certify product that support TDLS (Tunneled Direct Link Setup), a technology that enables devices to mechanically produce a link between one another once accessing a wireless network, removing the requirement to transmit information through the access purpose, and avoiding delays caused by congestion, the organization same on Thursday. The new TDLS certification program will improve performance for applications like media streaming, while not requiring user intervention, in step with Wi-Fi Alliance. A direct link between wireless devices might sound paying homage to the practicality offered by Wi-Fi Direct. But the 2 technologies area unit complimentary, in step with Wi-Fi Alliance. TDLS operates within the background of a Wi-Fi network to optimize performance, whereas Wi-Fi Direct devices will hook up with each other whereas on the go, even once there’s no wireless network out there. Also, TDLS will operate at intervals a Wi-Fi Direct network. Many product are going to be certified for each TDLS and Wi-Fi Direct, however the 2 technologies are going to be utilized in totally different things, Wi-Fi Alliance expects. The certification program is out there for TVs, smartphones, tablets, cameras, printers, PCs, projectors, and vice devices. It will not be necessary to shop for a brand new access purpose or wireless router for TDLS to figure. TDLS is predicated on the IEEE 802.11z commonplace, and therefore the automatic link configuration is completed in an exceedingly number of steps. the invention method begins once one device sends a discovery request to a different device, via the network they’re connected to. If the target device is additionally TDLS compliant, then it sends a response on to the instigator, providing data on its capabilities, together with supported rates and channels. The communication between the 2 devices — as an example, a TV and a pill — may live the relative signal strengths of the access purpose and therefore the TDLS device and judge whether or not an immediate link would be helpful or not. Besides streaming video and audio, TDLS may be wont to improve the performance of wireless information back-up, printing and file transfers. Certified product will operate over a 802.11n network, similarly as previous wireless standards. The Wi-Fi commonplace wont to communicate is that the quickest out there on each product, though the network’s access purpose solely supports a lower-bandwidth version of Wi-Fi. constant goes for security; the foremost secure choice is chosen regardless of what the network is capable of. TDLS conjointly has integrated power saving mechanisms to enhance performance on battery-operated devices like smartphones and tablets. The first product to be approved area unit a part of a check suite which has wireless chipsets from Broadcom, Marvell, Ralink and Realtek.