Wireless Router Air Live WN-200R

The router is a device that is already part of everyday furniture in many households. The Internet connection is almost essential today, and what it allows in most cases is a router.ISPs tends to give us this device most of the time, but that unit does not always have the options that we seek. That we present today is a complement of assigned by our ISP, which greatly expands the possibilities adding further support for wireless networks due to the presence of an antenna.

The exact model is the WN-200R and it is a small lightweight device with the ability to enable wireless devices with this type of communication. As mentioned, only the WN-200R will be between the ADSL router and all of our devices. In the box we see its features: Compatible with Turbo-G and Wireless-G, support for e-mail alerts, wireless technology of 150 Mbps and so on. Behind we have all these features but in several languages.

The device is not very large and is fairly lightweight. The color chosen, like many products Air Live, is white, with touches of black in the middle and gray at the base. The product is small so we will not have problems to place anywhere but can only be flat we see that on either side in the dark there are holes for the router to breathe. It is similar to what is on the surface where we also see holes just below the logo of Air Live.