Zuckerberg: Google+ proves we’re right about social’s future

At the launch of Facebook and the new Skype video call service, said Mark Zuckerberg briefly about Google + and believes that its existence is assured, that social action is the future of the Web.

Google + earlier this month, as an invitation launched by the social network, with the range of services including video calling and focus groups – two things that Facebook announced today.

Socially in the future

On a question about Google + Mashable, he said the search giant new services: “I spent some time with the service that we all have.

“In terms of how we see the next five years on the construction of these social applications, what you see is a lot of companies with more social things and not just Google.

“Companies like Netflix will begin to try to build a social structure. I see this as a confirmation of how the next five years pan out. “

It emerged this week that Mark Zuckerberg, the most popular person on Google + is at the moment, although he has not published anything on the site.